Evernote T-Shirt.

So, I was on Twitter and then I saw one of my followings retweeted Evernote Latam Account. Since I am an Evernote fan I went to follow them. First of all, I have to recognize that if it was not pre-installed on my laptop, I would never ever have known Evernote. Thank God I did. I write there all of my ideas and possible future posts of my other blogs.

Suddenly, Evernote Latam Account asked what do we use it for. I told them what I told you. Next day, they told me I have won a surprise package from Evernote. I could not believe it but I was all excited.

Finally, yesterday arrived my surprise package and it contained a t-shirt and stickers.

Evernote pack #loveit

Unfortunately, stickers did not arrive perfect. They arrived with wrinkles and stuff but I hope they flat when I use them.

So, today was the day and I try my new Evernote T-Shirt. What do you think? I really like it! It fits so well and it is a really light one!

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I am deeply sorry about the quality pictures but I am new at taking pictures with Canon. I will learn, you will see. 😛