Thanks to @Aviesta for my new blue wedges.

I won these blue wedges on Twitter! I wanted to show you them. Do you like them?

I won these fantastic blue wedges thanks to @Aviesta at Twitter! It was unimaginable because they asked for RTs, it looked like it was too easy and it got a trick at the contest but no, next day they asked for my personal information and three days later I had these babies at home!

Woohoo /o/ zapatos nuevos gracias a @aviesta. :D

The only thing I had to do was following them at Twitter and then RT one of their tweets. They have a lot of contest like every week but that’s not the best about Aviesta. Their shoes are like really gorgeous and really affordable. All of the designs and sizes had the same price.

By the time they asked for my data, they even sent me 6 possible options for me to choose. I really love these blue ones, they remember a lot of my National Flag, it’s like this deep blue.

Unfortunately, I had not use them, yet. But it’s not bad at all, because I am saving them for my cousin’s wedding and maybe for David’s friend’s wedding. It’s just to rainy to use them now! But that does not mean I could not show them to you.

Do you like them? I really do! I was really lucky to win them. Btw, I think I improve my skills of photographer, these photos are kinda better than the last post about Evernote. (:

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By Katherine Montero

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items and limited editions. Ok, so the store is now accessible from every
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Adding a few of these is good but if you want 3 stars try to get them all.

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