I watched Wall-e and aw!

I watched Wall-e and aw!

I have barely started writing this blog and, before you say something like “Also, Michael Jackson died” with sarcasm, let me tell you that I wasn’t a movie fan before moving in Queretaro. Maybe I am not quite there, yet (movie fan) but I have developed the taste of watching a lot of videos and buy a couple of movies lately! Let’s start from the beginning. A year ago, a friend of mine tweeted he was selling his headphones. I didn’t have any! So, I told him I would buy them. He sent me those headphones and some cute details in the package.

When I got the package, I was happy because I finally had headphones – I will presume it later to you, I still have them – plus, he gave me a wine cork and a collectible figure, yes, it was Wall-e. When I saw Wall-e, I said “aw, it has a discus!” – do you remember I love throwing? – but I thought it got a little dirt on its way home. I really thought that, I didn’t know this was the character of Wall-e, dirt but cute. LOL. So, after watching the movie, and because I guess everyone talk already about it, I just can say:

  1. Love conquers all.
  2. You have to move all the time!
  3. You need only a little leaf to keep up hope.
  4. It’s better late than never.
  5. You have to make your own choices.
  6. We have to take care on Mother Earth.
  7. The scene may be discouraging but you have to clean it always!

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