The weirdest Fontignac ceramic pot finale

I still can not believe the way my Fontignac ceramic pot ended. I used to cook pasta, rice, soups, gello and even chilaquiles on it. You might consider those like “heavy foods” because I used to cook almost 1 kilo of food on the Fontignac ceramic pot and nothing ever happened. As I was getting … Sigue leyendo The weirdest Fontignac ceramic pot finale

Anuncios for Android

I remember when I sign up for the waiting list of Lift. I wanted to be one of the first users! Then, there was Lift only for iOS. 😦 Such is life! But, a few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from Lift saying that we could use Lift for web! Suddenly, I wrote everything … Sigue leyendo for Android

Campus Party Mexico #cpmx4

We're just 4 days away for Campus Party Mexico. Campus Party Mexico is for tech fans only. This time, there will be 8k tech fans at Mexico City. I guess the Campus Party first editions were made to offer a worthy space for geeks and tech fans. But now, the purpose of Campus Party around … Sigue leyendo Campus Party Mexico #cpmx4