Geyser at Hidalgo, Mexico

We went to Geyser at Hidalgo, Mexico for summer! The moment I thought I would spend my entire summer home, I realise David had planned a trip to Geyser at Hidalgo, Mexico. I was really excited to go. The only thing I had heard about the Geyser was that it was like a bunch of … Sigue leyendo Geyser at Hidalgo, Mexico


Anna Karenina (2012) A few days ago, we watched Anna Karenina (2012) and let me tell you I was really angry when the movie ended. And yeah, this is a post full with spoilers but, come on! Who has not read the Tolstoi book (I haven’t but I saw the 2012 movie, so…) or watch this movie … Sigue leyendo Anna Karenina (2012)

You, again! (2010) El otro día, andaba eligiendo películas para alquilar en iTunes y de repente veo una bajo la categoría de Comedia que me llamó la atención. Era You, again!; lo que me llamó la atención fue la protagonista, Kristen Bell, la que era voz de Gossip Girl, a los demás no los reconocí en el … Sigue leyendo You, again! (2010)