Anna Karenina (2012)

A few days ago, we watched Anna Karenina (2012) and let me tell you I was really angry when the movie ended.

And yeah, this is a post full with spoilers but, come on! Who has not read the Tolstoi book (I haven’t but I saw the 2012 movie, so…) or watch this movie or any movie before!?

First of all, I was really angry with Anna. I was just about to talk about her marriage but I realise we don’t have enough information about why she got married in the first place. So, let’s just say she had this marriage, she had a son and falls in love with a new man (she didn’t want to but she wanted to and he was handsome and very insistent).

Then her husband realise and advice her to be careful. She gets angry with her husband and lie to him instead of finish that relationship right away. If she wanted to be with a new man, she had to break up with the old man. Come on.

Whatever. Her new relationship works out, but you left your kid behind. I mean, WHY DID YOU DO THAT? Also, they didn’t say this at the movie but I read at Wikipedia that Anna’s ex-husband told the kid she was dead. DEAD. That’s not cool either, also I understand it’s the only reason a boy could hear that really explains why your mom doesn’t want to see you without you feel awful. But that’s not cool.

Anyway, she makes her new relationship work. But she wanted to live the life like if it was her old life. I mean, come on, you changed and your life did, as well.

And then, she started being this crazy jealous person and kills herself.

I guess I was so angry about this whole process, I didn’t want to know her end. I really didn’t care. And I really disliked her, not because for being a woman with this behavior, but because there was a lot of things she could get done better and live the life she wanted but by being correct.

When the movie ended with her ending, I was mad. But then I went to read Wikipedia and realise everyone had an ending with chapter 8. Because that’s what books do. The movie only covered until chapter 7.

I loved to know that Vronsky respected Anna and instead of marry someone knew, respected his feelings about Anna and served Serbia. So, Anna was really crazy.

I loved to know that Karenin took care of Anna’s children, besides everything, he had his own sunshine of happiness.

I loved to know Kitty and Lyovin made their relationship worked and live a simple life without theaters, opera and jewelry. Because family, country and kindness made them more happy that anything else in the world.

So, at the end, this book and history have a lot of meaning. Meaning I could realise by only searching what happened with everyone else but Anna. Honestly, I was angry with the movie’s history.

But, the movie really showed that kind of life. I like the dances, the traveling, the family and all the jewelry and scenario. I like the way they played with the time, space and translate from a place to another. It was really well made, I accept that.

Thanks to my roommate Poli because she is the one who rents the movies and invites me to watch them with her. ^_^


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