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Geyser at Hidalgo, Mexico

El Geiser está construido en medio de la nada

We went to Geyser at Hidalgo, Mexico for summer!

The moment I thought I would spend my entire summer home, I realise David had planned a trip to Geyser at Hidalgo, Mexico. I was really excited to go. The only thing I had heard about the Geyser was that it was like a bunch of hot water and vapour ejected from earth – like a volcano ejects lava.

As soon as I knew we were going to Geyser, I started doing my luggage. The very next day I traveled to Cadereyta, Queretaro to join David and his mom. The next day our adventure would start early morning, very cold and very dangerous trip. Well, it was not that dangerous. It’s just that we had to travel in a really old bus through some curvy roads, so we were bitting our nails.

David y su cara de WAT

The funny things about Geysers is that they’re located in, literally, the middle of nowhere. So, there’s was some village here, another there, like 20 minutes appart from each other and then, there were only mountains and roads.

After 1 hour of being at the Papaya – the bus’s nickname – we could see something like vapour in the air. Let me tell you, when you’re walking to get in the Geyser – the bathering place and spa – it might not seem as pretty as it is on the inside.

Geyser at Hidalgo, Mexico – day 1

La primera imagen al entrar al Geiser :D

As soon as you get your bracelet from the Geyser, this is the first thing you will see inside of the spa. I swear to you, you would not think this is what it looks like when you’re out!

Lo primero que ves cuando llegás a las piscinas del Geiser

As soon as we got our bracelet we started looking for the bathrooms and natatoriums! We follow some signals in the Geyser and this was the first image we saw when we found the natatorium area. It’s actually pretty cool! I like the mayan-temple paradise theme the Geyser has!


We arrived really early to the Geyser! We couldn’t reserve our rooms until noon! So, we went to look for a cabin while we waited for people to go home. Our luggage was at the cabin table and we took turns to go swimming until we had our rooms! Hahaha! 🙂 This photo was taken by David.

El vapor del Geiser controlado

So, you actually never get to see the geyser but because it is controlled with this tubes. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist nor it’s artificial. It’s pretty real, it’s just that with the spa and stuff, it’s more malleable so people can actually visit the Geyser and be safe.

Btw, I saw how they cleaned the tubes, because the sulfur makes the metal and rocks* react. So, they actually closed one of the sides of the tube, cleaned it, dried it and opened it. And then they did the same with the other one.

Sauna natural en El Geiser

*You can’t really see the rocks in the previous photo – neither can in the above one – but the tube that throws the sulfured water horizontally goes to some kind of caves made of rock. You can sit there and wait for the vapour like a sauna. 🙂 There are 3 caves over there. David and I tried to sit in the very first one (the hottest one) like heroes.

D: Let’s go to the caves!
K: Where do we sit?
D: The first one!
K: Hell yeah!
vapours appears
K: OMG, hell no, we should sit in the second one!
D: I hear ya!
vapours appears

So, we finally sit around 10 minutes in the third one. We endure more time than the others but, there were times when the vapour appeared and stayed long time… like more than 2 minutes and we felt we were drowning! It was fun, though.

El Geiser en la nada ^_^

It’s a little paradise in the middle of nowhere! Just look around and see what’s near… nothing but mountains and sky!

A lot of people like to go to Geyser because the sulfured water is curative. It’s not like a miracle, if you’re injured, you might want to see a doctor, but if your pain is muscular, like your neck or your back, you only have to sumerge the body part is aching you to feel better.

Aprovechando el vapor del Geiser _o/

Top: Unbranded.
Swimsuit: Ralph Lauren.
Sandals: Havaianas.

@anayabit preparando la parrilla en El Geiser :3

We carried food to eat at Geyser the first day and buy the second. So, David was really kind to clean the grill – several times – for us to cook hotdogs. While he was doing it, his mom and I were at the natatorium trying to sumerge ourselves in the hottest water ever! It was like 75º C, no joke!

Hot dogs :3

Our first hotdogs at the grill! We had a rough time trying to light that fire but we finally made it to eat our delicious hotdogs! 🙂

Mi pulserita del Geiser era aqua ^_^

So, I don’t know what happened after eating but I felt so tired! Maybe because I got up very early that day… or because I ate like 7 hotdogs… who knows! 😛 But, after lunch, I felt like taking a nap. I went to our bedroom and fell asleep for like 2 hours. This photo is from when I woke up.

Un área de cabañitas del Geiser en la noche ^_^

After swimming a little more and have some quesadillas for dinner, it was time to go to sleep. We were lucky enough to get some rooms at the hotel inside the Geyser, but we saw some rangers who slept near the natatoriums. Anyway, they had the most beautiful view, just look how beautiful are the cabins at night!

Geyser at Hidalgo, Mexico – day 2


Our second day was really short at the Geyser! See, our bracelets cover until 1pm of the other day you bought the bracelet. That means you have to take your shower, breakfast, make your luggage, deliver your keys and TV remote at 1pm. And I’m a lazy lazy person, so I got up like 10, swim until 11, breakfast at 11:30 and arrange everything else until 1pm. While David was returning the keys at reception, I was taking the last pictures of our trip. This is almost in the exit of the Geyser, you can perfectly see the wall; beyond the wall you can notice the Geyser is at the middle of nowhere.

We had no cellphone signal over there, so we could really relax and enjoyed ourselves and a others company. 🙂 Geyser it is a real spa!

Esperando la hora que llegara La Papaya :D

Sunglasses: A gift from Ricardo.
Collar: Sears El Salvador.
T-shirt: Mailchimp.
Purse: A gift from David.

The only bad thing about leaving the place at 1pm, is that the Papaya – remember the bus? – is the only bus that rides to Cadereyta and it gets to the Geyser at 2:30pm! So, the day inside the Geyser was really short but waiting for the Papaya felt eternal!

We threw our towels to the ground and lay down until the time the Papaya passed by and saw the cloud meantime! 🙂

El Geiser: Fuente termal volcánica :3

When the Papaya came, it was time to say goodbye to the Geyser and this is the last thing you’ll see when going out of the spa! 🙂

It was really relaxing and healing to spend +24 hours over there! You can’t really imagine how good it was to disconnect myself from my laptop, my place and everything else. I just carried my camera and kindle as gadgets with me!

It would be really nice to go now that the heat is going down, you know, because of the really hot water but maybe next year! 🙂

By Katherine Montero

Civil Engineering Junior. Diploma in Economics and Business. 6th best Discus Thrower in Central America. 5x Discus National Winner (El Salvador). Yogini. Small Product Lab Winner. Author of The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes. 5x Shotput National Winner (El Salvador). Business Management Junior.