Focus always in your life

I want to fly to Italy anytime soon! That’s my ultimate dream travel. A few days ago, I started reading everything about Italy, because I want to go to meaningful places, not just where an average tourist goes. I focused in my life and my dreams, and started reading all about it.

I found a bunch of pretty places I would like to know someday, others just that I feel connected to and can’t wait to visit. I did this not for tormenting myself of not being capable of travel right now but to set a realistic date, made a financial plan, save this money and go.

I always said “I want to go to Italy” and, God, I envied so much everybody who did, but this time, I’m being realistic and focused in my own life, I know how much I need to go and the places I wanna go, this time is a more specific plan. And that’s a lot better, because I feel that I know, at least in theory, where I will be and have knowledge of how much I gotta work.

If you’ve been with me since 2008, you’ll know I was a mess at money management. I started reading a lot about this subject and started getting better at it. Step by step, of course. I still have a long path to walk in but, as you can see, I can start making plans without worrying about money first. Actually, all of these financial bloggers helped me without them knowing they were. 

Or I guess they know they’re capable of this and more and that’s why they write.

See, most of the people who read these blogs always find something good or clever to apply to their own lives. But a high percentage of that “most of the people” group gets frustated because they don’t have the same wealth as the people they are reading (I know I was). It’s obvious how different any life can be from another, but you have to see the circumstances, too. 

My humble opinion would be focus always in your life and don’t get frustated if you read someone who says it has a million dollars already. You have to do a little bit more than just read them: apply their cleverness in your life and never compare to them.

It’s easy to envy them, but you’re not studying them. See, most of the people who write about money management is single or married without children in their 30s and beyond. I just realise that. I found a lot of financial bloggers, A LOT, but I only kept the best ones. AND ALL – the best ones – ARE SINGLE. No marriage, no kids, no pets.

So, yeah, read about what they have to say, because above all, they know their subject and you can really feel better if you apply in your life what they said, but don’t frustate when they talk about themselves and you’re just not where they are. Maybe you have a family, maybe you are married, so just take the knowledge they gave you and focus again on what you’re living.

Be happy about your own quantity of dollars and focus always in your life.


Por Katherine Montero

Civil Engineering Junior. Diploma in Economics and Business. 6th best Discus Thrower in Central America. 5x Discus National Winner (El Salvador). Yogini. Small Product Lab Winner. Author of The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes. 5x Shotput National Winner (El Salvador). Business Management Junior.