Hunan sushi bar

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I told ya we’re sushi lovers. And as we couldn’t enjoy an all you can eat of sushi at Benihana, Marcela found another restaurant where we could: Hunan Sushi Bar. 🍣

This place is actually called Hunan Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar. It’s a two floors restaurant. First floor is only the sushi bar and second floor is only the Chinese restaurant.

And we only went to the first floor, so Hunan Sushi Bar it is!


Crêpe lovers at El Paseo

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I had so much time without seeing this amazing friend of mine that it was ridiculous!

Good thing is that we only needed like 3 minutes and 2 crepes to catch up!

After those 3 minutes, I knew nothing changed about our friendship and I was so happy about it!

Powerful reasons to disconnect

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My last birthday we (my family and I) went to San Ignacio, Chalatenango, El Salvador.

I disconnected that day against my will because my cellphone had no signal. What it hurt me the most was that I couldn’t check-in on Foursquare (now Swarm).

But now that I see it, it was better that way. I, now, have the best memories with my family on my birthday because I was paying attention to them.

Super light makeup for athletes who go to University!

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As an athlete, making up every day can be a disaster since my body is used to sweat all the time. Plus, San Salvador is pretty hot all the time.

So, I found the best fit for both worlds. Super light makeup for athletes who study!

The fact that we practice a sport everyday doesn’t mean we don’t want to wear makeup for our other activities and also doesn’t mean we want to wear that makeup in our trainings!

Uninstall all the apps!

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Being disconnected from most of my social networks these days has allowed me to use my time in my favor.

Have the ability to make almost anything from my phone has helped me to save time but also has showed me what apps make me waste more time than I have available to waste.

Since I am starting University today, I uninstalled a lot of apps! Even Instagram that it was my favorite and, basically, the reason I have this phone.

Game of Thrones season 5


HBO announced the season 5 of Game of Thrones premiere and I couldn’t be happier! It’s gonna be on my birthday! So thanks HBO, you’re giving me an amazing birthday present this year!

I started looking this serie just for curiosity. Poli rented the first two seasons and we were hooked real quick.

Then, we got the third season and couldn’t be any more excited to watch it. But our agony started after we watch the third season.

Throwers can’t and won’t have a nice manicure. EVER.

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I love painting my nails every once in a while but it kinda sucks I can’t keep a nice manicure for long.

But I don’t complain. There’s a reason why I can’t and won’t have a nice manicure ever!

I’m a thrower. I work hard every day. I use my hands every day, at the circle, at the gym, at the University, at the office and home.