Hunan sushi bar

I told ya we're sushi lovers. And as we couldn't enjoy an all you can eat of sushi at Benihana, Marcela found another restaurant where we could: Hunan Sushi Bar. 🍣 This place is actually called Hunan Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar. It's a two floors restaurant. First floor is only the sushi bar and … Sigue leyendo Hunan sushi bar


Crêpe lovers at El Paseo

I had so much time without seeing this amazing friend of mine that it was ridiculous! Good thing is that we only needed like 3 minutes and 2 crepes to catch up! After those 3 minutes, I knew nothing changed about our friendship and I was so happy about it! It's so funny but, even … Sigue leyendo Crêpe lovers at El Paseo

Powerful reasons to disconnect

My last birthday we (my family and I) went to San Ignacio, Chalatenango, El Salvador. I disconnected that day against my will because my cellphone had no signal. What it hurt me the most was that I couldn't check-in on Foursquare (now Swarm). But now that I see it, it was better that way. I, … Sigue leyendo Powerful reasons to disconnect

Super light makeup for athletes who go to University!

As an athlete, making up every day can be a disaster since my body is used to sweat all the time. Plus, San Salvador is pretty hot all the time. So, I found the best fit for both worlds. Super light makeup for athletes who study! The fact that we practice a sport everyday doesn't … Sigue leyendo Super light makeup for athletes who go to University!