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Eating a @RedMangoSal for the first time ever!

When I was at the Startup Weekend San Salvador, two of my best friends were having dinner like two blocks away. Because in San Salvador almost anything is two blocks away.

I wanted to join them on dinner but Startup Weekend had so much going on that I couldn’t go early.

So, my friend decided it was best for us to go to Red Mango after Startup Weekend and it was a great decision!

She went to pick me up to La Casa Tomada and we went to Red Mango.

Red Mango is a yogurt flavored store but these flavors are natural. It was yummy and fresh at the same time.

You may ask why we were having frozen yogurt at night after dinner. Well, the weather in San Salvador is hot most of the time. So we don’t wait to summer to enjoy summer.

I wasn’t a big fan of frozen yogurt until I tasted this one. It’s by far the best I have tasted yet. You could really feel the fruit in it.

It was so yummy that I had to have a picture of all the toppings. But it kinda felt weird when the girl told me I couldn’t take pictures inside. Funny because, as you can see, they had this sign with their social networks inside of the store so I though there will be no problem. But, when Titi told her that I just wanted to share the place with you, guys, she felt better and let me took it.

I’m pretty lucky that I can call Titi Burgos a friend of mine. She is one of the most sweetest girls out there and she is the one who knows where to go all the time. Maybe you want to know her, too. She likes to tweet at @titiburgos.

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