Benihana with @emarcela

I don’t know exactly when it started but I know it did. I am a sushi lover. Also is my friend Marcela.

When she knew I was back at my country, she immediately planned us to go to dinner at Benihana, La Gran Vía.

She knew this place had a crazy promo of All You Can Eat of sushi and we had to be there to eat everything we could.

So we did go but the promo was not there, anymore.

That didn’t stopped us to eat a lot of sushi, anyways. We asked two Maki each and soup and tea.

This place was fun to visit because I was able to see the guys making the food right next to the tables where people were eating.

Also, the music and the ornamentation made me forget for one moment I was home. It’s so beautiful and the aura is amazing, you can actually feel you’re somewhere else.

And what to say about the sweetest end for the night?

Our waiter was so enthusiastic about us and he told us we could get free dessert if we helped him with some questions. Of course we did!

What I like the most about these questions was that no personal data was involved. Like no cellphone number or email address or full name.

So, yeah, this was a great dinner date! Thanks for the lovely evening, my dear @Emarcela.

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