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Bread of the Dead

I like how Mexico, and almost all Latin America, celebrates everything with food.

Today is Epiphany and Mexico will eat the Rosca de Reyes, a big donut with fruit and little kids on the inside to see who pays for the tamales on February 2nd.

The Day of the Dead, Mexico eats the bread of the Dead. It’s a sweet bread with a little orange and lemon scent. It even has a little pair of bones (made of bread, of course) over the bread.

I was lucky enough to find a bakery where there was bread of the Dead filled with jellies. The one I’m about to eat on the photo is a pineapple jelly bread of the Dead.

This bakery is called Lady Cakes and it was over University Avenue in Santiago De Querétaro. I have no idea if it still there, but if it is, you should go and buy a dessert over there. They are delicious! 😋 🍰 🍦 🍨

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