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Coffee Factory at Mexico City

A lot of memories just by looking at this picture.

I remember exactly why I was there. I’m in front of Palace of Fine Arts at Mexico City drinking coffee from Coffee Factory with two good friends I made at Mexico.

These two friends of mine (@Yosora & @Sangelle) did a raffle at their blog. They were giving away a smartphone and when they published it, my Blackberry had like 20 days robbed.

The only thing I was thinking was all the blogging I could do if I won that smartphone. I just wanted to update my blog from my phone while traveling in the metro.

So I sent my video and didn’t win. I was so sad.

Thankfully, my friends set up a visit to the best places at Mexico City and I had a lot of fun. We went to a Starbucks downtown, then we walk to the 7th floor of Sears in front of the Palace of Fine Arts and drank coffee while waiting for the nightfall.

We were creative that night because we got this white cups and pimped them so they’d look like some kinda Starbucks cup but instead of the siren, it had our faces in it.

I publish this until now because I realize that wasn’t my time to publish from my phone, now is. I didn’t win that time but my friends made me feel like a winner. I didn’t win that time but now I have accomplished my goal to write everyday from my phone.

So, yeah. Fate will find a way. Fata viam invenient. 💙

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