Throwers can’t and won’t have a nice manicure. EVER.

I love painting my nails every once in a while but it kinda sucks I can’t keep a nice manicure for long.

But I don’t complain. There’s a reason why I can’t and won’t have a nice manicure ever!

I’m a thrower. I work hard every day. I use my hands every day, at the circle, at the gym, at the University, at the office and home.

Maybe other female athletes have this particular problem as well. Or maybe they have found a solution already.

My solution last season was no nail polish at all because I was on winter break. I was only working out so having a nice manicure for going to the gym didn’t seem like the best deal!

But University starts this Friday and can’t have my nails naked!

Have you found a solution for this? Would you mind sharing it with me?

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