Fried pork burrito from Laca Laca

I love fried pork so much! And that’s a lot to say because I didn’t eat any pork since 2000 until 2009.

But when I came back to the pork, I knew we will be best friends for ever.

I was trained well at Mexico since I learned to eat fried pork tacos, tostadas and tortas.

I remember that as birthday present I always asked to eat fried pork tortas. Yes, in plural. Because I ate two tortas.

So when my friends told me about this Mexican restaurant at El Salvador called Laca Laca, I knew I had to have something with fried pork.

And that is why I ate this big fried pork burrito! And this burrito is why I like Laca Laca so much.

So much that now I have had other burritos, tacos, nachos (nachos taste almost like Mexican chilaquiles), gringas, teas and micheladas at Laca Laca.

If you go to Laca Laca, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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