Uninstall all the apps!

Being disconnected from most of my social networks these days has allowed me to use my time in my favor.

Have the ability to make almost anything from my phone has helped me to save time but also has showed me what apps make me waste more time than I have available to waste.

Since I am starting University today, I uninstalled a lot of apps! Even Instagram that it was my favorite and, basically, the reason I have this phone.

I uninstalled most of them last week and believe me, I haven’t missed them.

I used to close my Facebook account but I have found that only by uninstalling it from my phone is a huge time saver already.

That is why I’m sharing today the photo with the Snoopy calculator. Sometimes I like to work or write or study like the good old times. When the only notification you had was the land phone or the oven.

Do you disconnect when you have important tasks to do? Have you uninstall any app that is distracting you? Do you have any ritual of cleaning when starting something?

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