Hunan sushi bar

I told ya we’re sushi lovers. And as we couldn’t enjoy an all you can eat of sushi at Benihana, Marcela found another restaurant where we could: Hunan Sushi Bar. 🍣

This place is actually called Hunan Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar. It’s a two floors restaurant. First floor is only the sushi bar and second floor is only the Chinese restaurant.

And we only went to the first floor, so Hunan Sushi Bar it is!

When we got in there I thought it was an underground place because we were the only ones in there. But we only got early. At 8pm the sushi bar was crowded!

We ordered the buffet, obviously. But this is not like other buffets out there. They have this system where the sushi plates actually go to where you are.

And when you see a sushi plate you feel like eating, you just grab it!

As I wanted to see absolutely everything, we sat at the bar in front of the sushi making!

I don’t remember how much I ate but I do remember we didn’t eat just sushi. We ate another plates, we drank soup, ate chicken, bananas and even desserts!

It was so fun and yummy that I can’t wait to go back to Hunan sushi bar! 🍣

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