Fried pork burrito from Laca Laca

I love fried pork so much! And that’s a lot to say because I didn’t eat any pork since 2000 until 2009.

But when I came back to the pork, I knew we will be best friends for ever.

I was trained well at Mexico since I learned to eat fried pork tacos, tostadas and tortas. Sigue leyendo “Fried pork burrito from Laca Laca”


Throwers can’t and won’t have a nice manicure. EVER.

I love painting my nails every once in a while but it kinda sucks I can’t keep a nice manicure for long.

But I don’t complain. There’s a reason why I can’t and won’t have a nice manicure ever!

I’m a thrower. I work hard every day. I use my hands every day, at the circle, at the gym, at the University, at the office and home. Sigue leyendo “Throwers can’t and won’t have a nice manicure. EVER.”

Coffee Factory at Mexico City

A lot of memories just by looking at this picture.

I remember exactly why I was there. I’m in front of Palace of Fine Arts at Mexico City drinking coffee from Coffee Factory with two good friends I made at Mexico.

These two friends of mine (@Yosora & @Sangelle) did a raffle at their blog. They were giving away a smartphone and when they published it, my Blackberry had like 20 days robbed. Sigue leyendo “Coffee Factory at Mexico City”