Life is a mess

Life is a mess. A really dirty mess.

Most of the time you want to clean up that mess. Because you will only get it until it’s clean.

But life never gets clean. It’s dirty all the time. If you try to clean it up, you are losing precious time.

I have been thinking lately of how difficult can be to live between this mess. But also, I have thought that been in the middle of this mess, gives me the opportunity to accept life like it is.

I don’t ask a perfect life. I don’t need a perfect life. I like my messy and dirty life. But as messy as it is, it isn’t chaotic at all.

I have accepted a messy life because I am focused on just three big things. If I’m ok with my threes, life can be messy as hell and I won’t care.

I can’t take care of every detail, but I can deal with three. And that is how I’m ok with a messy life.

Life was messy when I came, life will be messy when I’m gone.

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Breakfast at Pizza hut

Yes, breakfast at pizza hut and it wasn’t pizza!

Have you had those mornings when you don’t want to do absolutely nothing and just want to get up and eat something yummy without the effort of actually cooking it?

I know I have. There are some mornings when you just want to get up and eat something it’s already done that isn’t cereal or yogurt. Sigue leyendo “Breakfast at Pizza hut”

Firefox OS arrived to El Salvador thanks to @Movistar_sv

Movistar invited me to the launch party of the first Firefox OS that was arriving to El Salvador. And at the party, I realized it was bigger than that, it was the first Firefox OS to land on CENTRAL AMERICA!

El Salvador was the first country of the region on offering gadgets with Firefox OS, which is an open source software (this translates to cheaper and more intuitive).

THE first Firefox OS gadget at El Salvador was the ZTE Open II with 2GB memory and 2mpx camera. Sigue leyendo “Firefox OS arrived to El Salvador thanks to @Movistar_sv”

Las dispensaciones del tiempo

Dispensación Líder/profeta Promesa Mandato Hecho Consecuencia Citas
Primera dispensación Inocencia Adán No comerás Comió Expulsión y muerte Gen 1, 26-28; Gen 2 15-17; Gen 3 1-6, 7-19
Segunda dispensación Conciencia Set Hacer lo bueno Hizo lo malo Diluvio Gen 3, 5; Gen 3, 7; Gen 3, 22; Gen 6, 5-7, 7-13; Gen 7, 11-24
Tercera dispensación El gobierno humano Noé Llenen toda la tierra Se quedan en el mismo lugar (torre de babel) Confusión de lenguas Gen 3, 15-Gen 9, 7; Gen 11, 1-4, 5-9
Cuarta dispensación La promesa Abraham Habitar Canaán Se fueron para Egipto Se convierten en esclavos de Egipto Gen 2, 1-7; Gen 12, 10; Gen 46, 6; Éx 1, 8-14
Quinta dispensación La ley Moisés Cumplir la ley / los mandamientos No lo cumple Los separa como pueblo / esparcimiento 2da Reyes 17, 7-20; Deu 28, 63-66
Sexta dispensación La gracia Jesús Creer en Jesús No creen en Jesús Se condena eternamente Juan 1, 12; Juan 5, 39-40; Mateo 24, 2; Apo 6, 15-17
Séptima dispensación Restauración final Jesús Apo 20, 7-9; Isaías 14, 12-15; Job 1, 7; Efe 2, 2; Apo 12, 7-10; Apo 13, 17; Apo 20, 1-10

Cómo se arman los cuadros de costos

Análisis de la variación.

  • Producción: presupuestada – realizada = desaprovechada.
  • Gastos: presupuestados – realizados = exceso

Coeficiente rectificador: Variación entre gastos indirectos reales y estimados / importe de los gastos indirectos predeterminados (unidades y horas predeterminadas). Sigue leyendo “Cómo se arman los cuadros de costos”