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Life is a mess

Life is a mess. A really dirty mess. Most of the time you want to clean up that mess. Because you will only get it until it’s clean. But life never gets clean. It’s dirty all the time. If you try to clean it up, you are losing precious time. I have been thinking lately […]

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Breakfast at Pizza hut

Yes, breakfast at pizza hut and it wasn’t pizza! Have you had those mornings when you don’t want to do absolutely nothing and just want to get up and eat something yummy without the effort of actually cooking it? I know I have. There are some mornings when you just want to get up and […]


Firefox OS arrived to El Salvador thanks to @Movistar_sv

Movistar invited me to the launch party of the first Firefox OS that was arriving to El Salvador. And at the party, I realized it was bigger than that, it was the first Firefox OS to land on CENTRAL AMERICA! El Salvador was the first country of the region on offering gadgets with Firefox OS, […]


Las dispensaciones del tiempo

Dispensación Líder/profeta Promesa Mandato Hecho Consecuencia Citas Primera dispensación Inocencia Adán No comerás Comió Expulsión y muerte Gen 1, 26-28; Gen 2 15-17; Gen 3 1-6, 7-19 Segunda dispensación Conciencia Set Hacer lo bueno Hizo lo malo Diluvio Gen 3, 5; Gen 3, 7; Gen 3, 22; Gen 6, 5-7, 7-13; Gen 7, 11-24 Tercera […]


Cómo se arman los cuadros de costos

Análisis de la variación. Producción: presupuestada – realizada = desaprovechada. Gastos: presupuestados – realizados = exceso Coeficiente rectificador: Variación entre gastos indirectos reales y estimados / importe de los gastos indirectos predeterminados (unidades y horas predeterminadas).