F5 blog launch party thanks to La Curacao

I was invited to the launch of the tech blog from La Curacao!

The tech blog is called Blog F5 and they talk about gadgets, best uses, everyday tech advice and more.

Funny thing it was a secret launch party. NOBODY knew what was all that about until we got there.

And the launch party was at the Art Museum, so I didn’t have any idea.

Believe me when I say I have never thought you could actually launch a blog this way!

Maybe you haven’t heard yet about La Curacao. They sell gadgets. But I liked so much that the blog is more than reviews. It’s not the selly-buy-me-forever kind of blog. Their blog actually gives the reader something useful.

It’s like reading a friend saying tech things and talking about the technology you already have with you and how to use it the best way.

Btw, I don’t know if you know my friend Loy, the girl I am with in this photo. Pay attention to her cause you will be reading a lot from here over here! You’ll see why in a couple of weeks!

Thanks so much to La Curacao El Salvador for inviting me to their launch party! If you want to start reading F5, you should do it: Read Blog F5 right here!

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