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Day of the Internet barcamp!

I gave a small talk about blogging on the Day of the Internet. I called it: What works is to do everything backwards.

It’s about all the lies they tell you about blogging versus the things that really work when blogging. All of it came out thanks to my own experience since I’m turning seven years of blogging this year!

I thought it would be a good idea if I share with you everything I said that day so you could optimize your own blog, too!

By the way, this eBook is just for bloggers, for people who write, for people who share. If you want to develop or design a blog, look for other authors. I’m talking to bloggers, authors, writers or people who want to start a blog!

I will give you this eBook today for free! To get the eBook, go right here and I will sent your own copy of “What works is to do everything backwards”.

This is today only. Tomorrow the eBook will be on sale, so if you feel this is something you will read, make yourself a favor and download it!

I will be sending your own copy of “What works is to do it backwards” to your email, please check every folder so it doesn’t get lost. Plus, try to be patient because lots of other bloggers are downloading it, too!

Get the Ebook: What works is to do everything backwards by Katherine Montero right here!

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