Do you have a candy jar?

I was talking with my friend Diana yesterday about candy jars and their purpose in life.

See, they spend most of their life empty. We both have candy jars at our own houses but they have candies like once a month.

I even told her that, when my candy jar has candy, I sit in front of the tv, take my candy jar with me and eat all the candy like if it were popcorn.

I’m a candy, cookies, desserts and everything sweet fan!

I have a lot of favorite sweetmeats and treats but I want to share this one today just because to me it’s the most difficult to get.

My mom’s friend got this bag of candy for me from the United States. They’re called Lancaster and they taste like yogurt.

Also, they’re the kind of soft candy, which I like the most because it doesn’t hurt or cut the inner cheek.

This is one of the best candy you can have in your candy jar and one of the best excuse to empty the candy jar as well! 🍭 🍬 😊

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