Campus Party El Salvador πŸ”΅

I was invited to the first launch party of Campus Party El Salvador. πŸ”΅ And I say first because there were several, like three or four.

But that doesn’t matter because what does matter is that if they launched a party of Campus Party El Salvador, it was official we were gonna have a Campus Party El Salvador. πŸ’™

This is huge. El Salvador knew the Campus Party in 2008 with a special edition of Campus Party Iberoamerica.

And since then, Campus Party didn’t come back, until Campus Party El Salvador.

Funny thing is that even though is the second Campus Party at El Salvador, this was the first one exclusively for El Salvador.

At the launch party, they said Campus Party will receive 1,500 campuseros (at the end of the event we had doubled that number).

At the end of the launch party I wasn’t just happy about seeing my old campuseros friends, I was also excited to being able to have an opportunity of living the Campus Party again in my country. πŸ’™

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