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Social Media Day

I had the amazing opportunity of attending to a Social Media Day at my country thanks to La Prensa Gráfica.

It was my first time attending to a Social Media Day and I was amazed of how they actually celebrate it. I don’t know if it’s like this all over the world but the Salvadoran edition was kinda cool.

So, the Social Media Day is everything Social Media related and Social Media lovers and workers attend to learn new trends, new tools, new people, new brands and party hard.

I would say the main reason to celebrate a day like this is networking. Definitely. As we work most of the time in front of a screen, we need and event like this to remember we can always make our circle bigger.

Social Media Day was celebrated at the Sheraton President Hotel in San Salvador and it was crowded!

Even though the event was nice and crowded and everything I couldn’t help but think: There are like two thousand people in this place working at something Social Media related. Why aren’t we doing something better with the Social Media accounts in our country?

There’s talent, there’s people, there’s work. But somehow we can’t do better and we keep doing the same stuff people did in other countries like 7 years ago.

Maybe I’m asking too much but this is my first Social Media Day and I saw so much work, quality and effort at the event and I just can’t see the same level on most of the accounts I see on Social Media.

Thank God I’m not the only one who thinks we need to see things differently to get better. I had the amazing opportunity of attending to a Gaby Menta conference at the Social Media Day and things got interesting.

I found Loy inside and I asked her to sit with me. She is like my soul mate of the conferences. We were both paying attention to Gaby Menta and when he said something it hitted us, we were like nodding at the same time.

Then he said something about babies and technology and we were like: FINALLY SOMEBODY SAID IT!

And at the very end Gaby wanted a photo with all of his audience and we were running all over to the front and stand up in some chairs so we could see ourselves on the pic!

That’s when I knew it was the start of an amazing friendship. See, Loy is the kind of people that makes you realize world isn’t a bad place after all. I really love you to meet her, unfortunately, online you will only meet the 25% of her. But, 25% it’s better than nothing! You have two options to know her, read her blog or follow her on Twitter.

At her blog you will read her more personal self and at her Twitter account, you will read her mostly everyday! It’s your choice, but believe me when I tell you this girl has star!

(I promised you will know more about Loy, here I am accomplishing my promises! I would be an excellent mayor of my city).

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