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A delightful dinner thanks to @KoiSushiSV

And the sushi lover strikes again!

I went to Koi Sushi at Plaza Futura to have dinner with some of my friends and the owner of Koi.

I know I’ll have this kind of opportunity just a few times in my life, so I asked everything I could about entrepreneurship while having dinner at Koi!

Koi Sushi opened because El Salvador needed to know a classy sushi restaurant with fresh ingredients and japanese food made with care. El Salvador only had sushi places with fast food techniques, but it was missing a classy sushi restaurant.

With that idea in mind, Koi Sushi El Salvador was born and now it is a three restaurant empire of delicious sushi.

I personally like that these people didn’t just stay with the traditional sushi flavors. Instead, they have been playing with the ingredients to create new plates and give Salvadorans the best of sushi and the best of Salvadoran flavors, as well.

Let me explain that otherwise. Sushi places at Japan don’t add avocado to their sushi. But in El Salvador we’re in love with avocado. So, Koi gives you the best sushi they can with the best ingredients around but add a little avocado to the recipe because we love avocado.

They have been playing with the recipes since they started and now there are a lot of amazing plates you won’t eat just one!

I ate like 5 or so.

I finally could eat a nigiri, well, I actually ate four. Since I read the sushi Wikipedia page, I knew I wanted to try a nigiri. Koi is the only place I have found them in San Salvador.

So, I tried tempura shrimp 🍤, salmon washimi, salmon-tuna-shrimp-crab nigiri (one each), double salmon Maki, tempura cheesecake and a mango smoothie.

I wonder how I could walk instead of roll that night! (Get it? “How do you roll?” Get it?).

Thank you for the delightful dinner, Koi Sushi El Salvador! I’m really grateful I could know your story and see how amazing is Koi, now.

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By Katherine Montero

Civil Engineering Junior. Diploma in Economics and Business. 6th best Discus Thrower in Central America. 5x Discus National Winner (El Salvador). Yogini. Small Product Lab Winner. Author of The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes. 5x Shotput National Winner (El Salvador). Business Management Junior.