Firefox OS arrived to El Salvador thanks to @Movistar_sv

Movistar invited me to the launch party of the first Firefox OS that was arriving to El Salvador. And at the party, I realized it was bigger than that, it was the first Firefox OS to land on CENTRAL AMERICA!

El Salvador was the first country of the region on offering gadgets with Firefox OS, which is an open source software (this translates to cheaper and more intuitive).

THE first Firefox OS gadget at El Salvador was the ZTE Open II with 2GB memory and 2mpx camera.

“Our alliance with Movistar allowed us to put the Web power on more people’s hands and to provide a very complete smartphone experience to those Salvadorans who didn’t have had the chance, yet”. Li Gong, Mozilla president.

Where this Firefox OS even came from? Well, Firefox OS is the result of the combined effort of Mozilla, a couple of other tech companies and a lot of volunteers around the world!

All Firefox OS features are developed on HTML5, so developers can create apps, improve the performance of mobile web, create add-ons, customize, etc.

If you buy the ZTE Open II with Firefox OS at Movistar El Salvador as prepaid, it’ll cost you just $55 USD, you get that 55 bucks on call balance for Movistar, unlimited SMS for Movistar and 2GB on national web surfing. 🏄 📱

There’s a lot of great things about the Firefox OS, my friends and I found out you don’t need an specific email account for getting apps, since it’s an open gadget that has an open store.

Also, the number of apps is growing constantly. It’s screen is more resistant than the other smartphones. And the battery is incredibly durable and lightweight at the same time.

I found out all of this while eating a delicious panini, drinking red wine and having a Firefox cupcake for dessert!

Thanks to Movistar El Salvador for my invitation to the Firefox OS launch party!

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