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Breakfast at Pizza hut

Yes, breakfast at pizza hut and it wasn’t pizza!

Have you had those mornings when you don’t want to do absolutely nothing and just want to get up and eat something yummy without the effort of actually cooking it?

I know I have. There are some mornings when you just want to get up and eat something it’s already done that isn’t cereal or yogurt.

I found out Pizza Hut offers breakfast. Maybe this is no new information for you. But it was for me!

The very first time someone told me to have breakfast at the Pizza Hut I thought: Yeah, I like pizza but I don’t know if I want pizza for breakfast.

Mea culpa. Pizza hut offers other plates for breakfast. And they are really yummy.

Here I am having a cheese, egg and ham bagel with a cup of seasonal fruits! Also I drank my cup of coffee (we’ll talk about my coffee issues later, but yes, I drink coffee now!).

And if you look into details, that little piece of paper at my left contains the Wi-Fi password of the restaurant because I’m an Internet junkie, I’m sorry!

The bagel looks little but it has so much food inside I was full for like 5 hours or more.

Definitely Pizza Hut’s breakfasts are awesome! And the bagel is my favorite! 💙

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