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Life is a mess

Life is a mess. A really dirty mess.

Most of the time you want to clean up that mess. Because you will only get it until it’s clean.

But life never gets clean. It’s dirty all the time. If you try to clean it up, you are losing precious time.

I have been thinking lately of how difficult can be to live between this mess. But also, I have thought that been in the middle of this mess, gives me the opportunity to accept life like it is.

I don’t ask a perfect life. I don’t need a perfect life. I like my messy and dirty life. But as messy as it is, it isn’t chaotic at all.

I have accepted a messy life because I am focused on just three big things. If I’m ok with my threes, life can be messy as hell and I won’t care.

I can’t take care of every detail, but I can deal with three. And that is how I’m ok with a messy life.

Life was messy when I came, life will be messy when I’m gone.

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