N Chocolate Lounge Cafe with @SariiDeLeon ðŸ’™

I don’t know about you but I have my ways of finding out new places I want to visit. I can’t pay attention to everything that’s happening around so I have some tricks to see where I should go next.

One of these ways is indirect recommendation. Since I try to publish the places or things or books or people that I really really like, I instantly think everyone else is doing this exact same thing. And this is why I take Instagram seriously (because I think you only share right there what you really really like).

And there’s this extra detail: If I like you, there’s a big chance I like what you shared. Continue reading


El punto

¿Cuál es el objetivo de la Geometría Descriptiva?

Representar una figura del espacio sobre uno o varios planos de proyección.

¿Cuál es el sistema que se va a estudiar?
Sistema diédrico o de doble proyección ortogonal.

¿Qué es un sistema de proyección?
Es un conjunto de elementos que nos permiten proyectar una forma del espacio sobre uno o varios planos de proyección y recíprocamente restituirla a su posición real. Continue reading

Torrejas 💙

Las torrejas son mi comida favorita de Semana Santa. No hay cómo perderse, es un plato dulce conformado por varios ingredientes que ya me agradan de manera individual.

Yo solía ser de las personas que esperaba todo un año para probarlas.

Desde niña esperaba la Semana Santa con ansias porque me gusta dormir mucho y son vacaciones, porque es la época más cercana a mi cumpleaños y porque significa que en todos lados hay torrejas disponibles. Continue reading

Why you are not a doctor

I had my University meet and since the team of my school was incomplete, I had 5 events (when the most I do is 2), divided in 2 days. I was under the sun for several hours and even did track events. So, the first day ended and I went to say hello to my first track & field coach ever!

After talking for a bit, he told me I could have this amazing opportunity of training with a specialized coach. We went to talk with him and he told me he was a very demanding coach and that I would not get into the team right away. He needed to test me before he accepted me. He would test me after the second day of my event.

There were like the two days I spent under the sun the most. I was tired but I had only one chance to make it with my new coach, I didn’t want to ruin this. So, I ate and went to my test. I passed most of them, I only failed at some thing with my arms because my shoulders were really weak. But, in general, I was in.

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