Bacon and cheeseburger from Big Buns Burger

Big Buns Burger is a new burger place at San Salvador and my friends and I went to try it.

I confess I wouldn’t have heard about this place if it wasn’t for Titi Burgos (remember when I told you she’s the one who knows where to go?).

I asked for a bacon and cheeseburger because it had chipotle mayo and avocado. 💙 I’m a pretty simple person when choosing food.

We waited a lot of time, and I’m not saying it for giving them a bad reputation, I’m just saying they were so new, we waited a lot. Thank God I have amazing friends who have interesting conversations and funny jokes.

When the food finally arrived, I was dreaming how delicious my bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado, onion rings, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheeseburger will be.

Well, the burger was OK. It had all the ingredients but it felt kind of dry for my taste. And I know I’m a little picky with the humidity of my food, so this is not a reason for you to judge Big Buns Burger, yet.

I didn’t open my burger to see if it was there, but in my opinion, I couldn’t taste the avocado. And that make me so sad because the avocado and the mayo were the reasons I chose this particular burger.

The potatoes were big and yummy. And they might see they were just a few, but they were enough to fill this body.

The last thing I didn’t like about Big Buns Burger is they didn’t take my American Express.

But the bathroom had this little candles and I though they were smart on taking care of the business with class!

So, I’m not saying Big Buns Burger is an awful place and you shouldn’t visit it. I’m saying Big Buns Burger was new in town when I visited it and maybe they have made some arrangements and made their business work by now.

I can’t guarantee it since I haven’t visited the place again, but they might.

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