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I don’t know about you but I have my ways of finding out new places I want to visit. I can’t pay attention to everything that’s happening around so I have some tricks to see where I should go next.

One of these ways is indirect recommendation. Since I try to publish the places or things or books or people that I really really like, I instantly think everyone else is doing this exact same thing. And this is why I take Instagram seriously (because I think you only share right there what you really really like).

And there’s this extra detail: If I like you, there’s a big chance I like what you shared.

That being said, I found out N Chocolate Lounge Cafe through Instagram and I knew I’d visit it soon!

The first thing I saw about N Chocolate Lounge Cafe was a dessert with chocolate. Since the official Instagram account of the place was tagged, I didn’t loose my time and went to check it out.

What I saw was paradise to me! It was a place with the only purpose of doing extremely delicious desserts based on Nutella. (The N of N Chocolate Lounge Cafe stands for Nutella💙).

As I was in the last few weeks of University, I just planned to go with the only person I knew would enjoy a good dessert like me (even though she eats less tan me) and the only person who is open to get to know new places with yummy food and that person is Sara.

Sara and I went to N Chocolate Lounge Cafe on the prefinals week and had a great time.

Even though it took us a while to get us there but it was worth it.

N Chocolate Lounge Cafe is a tiny place of 25mts squared maximum, but it is more than enough space to make you feel great.

It is decorated like a classic place, in my opinion. Everything is classic, elegant and has a lot of glass and metallic structures but some of the couches are made of leather and others are made of wicker and mix so well!

On the walls are black & white pictures of lovely and vintage Europe and the windows are so big you can see almost all San Salvador from where you’re sitting!

We tried the classic Big Waffle just because I thought it was the safest bet. It was a dessert, it was big enough, it had a lot of Nutella and you could choose some toppings. What I didn’t know is that N Chocolate Lounge Cafe is so enthusiastic about Nutella.

I mean, yeah, I knew all of their sweet plates are made from Nutella but nobody told me there were different flavors of Nutella. Apparently there are strawberry Nutella, vanilla Nutella, bubble gum Nutella, and some other that I do not remember right now plus the classic Nutella.

Since I made the safest bet with the Big Waffle, I made the safest bet with the classic Nutella, as well. I had a lot of time without trying Nutella that I knew I had to be cautious the first time I tried it over there.

And there were smoothies and stuff but we chose to drink a pink lemonade.

It was the perfect combination since the Big Waffle was hella big (it’s like a sandwich made of waffles, there were two big waffles with Nutella in the middle and all of the toppings over!) and the pink lemonade was light and refreshing!  The only thing I regret about the N Chocolate Lounge Cafe was not going sooner!

I chose my Big Waffle with classic Nutella, cherries, cracker crums, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Sara chose hers with classic Nutella, marshmallows, strawberries, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Remember when I told you she eats less than me, well, I was lucky enough to eat half of her Big Waffle. 🙂

Do I recommend you to go there to eat something incredibly amazing and have a great time with a friend of yours? ABSOLUTELY!

And not just because all of the above, but because the people who work there are honest!

See, like the clumsy girl that I am, I forgot my ID when I was paying. And fair enough, the very next day I had to renew my passport and guess what I needed to have in my hands!? I was scared nobody saw it or nobody recognize me so I tried to call and the number was disconnected! I tried to tweet them but Twitter closed their account! I thought about writing them a comment on Instagram but I thought that would be so public and dangerous that I realize the best I could do was explain all my situation over email.

You wouldn’t believe what happened, the owner of the place answered me in less than 10 minutes! She told me she had found it and kept it safe for me to go get it very early the next day!

So, N Chocolate Lounge Cafe is not just a place where you can go to eat and have a great time, it actually is a place where you are safe, you can forget your personal documents and still have the confidence you will get them back.

Oh, and they cook more than desserts, they also offer bagels, sandwiches, salads and more yummy dishes if you are not a sweet toothed like me!

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