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I’m the kind of person that when exists the chance to go somewhere new or go to somewhere somebody already knows, chooses to go somewhere new.

Choosing the new place always has the opportunity to create a new moment and a new reaction for you both to keep. It doesn’t have to be necessarily a good moment or good reaction, but sure it will be new. And new reactions is what I’m looking. I love to create new moments with my friends.

That’s what I did when Carolina gave me a choice of going to a new place she was curious and I haven’t had the chance to see or going to a place she knew well. I chose going to the new place: Dragon Garden.

Dragon Garden has the advantage of being in the middle of my University and the place I practice track and field.

The place is real big. It looks really comfortable, it’s empty most of the time (even on lunch hours) so it’s perfect for reading a book, enjoy a meal or having a business meeting, family meeting or chat with a friend.

As the place is a big and it’s not crowded, waiters tend to forget you’re there. It’s no biggie unless you’re like really hungry or have limited time (like me that time we went).

But what I have to say about the food it was delicious, yummy and big portions, like really big, I mean we were sharing plates and couldn’t end with the food. That big I’m talking.

Also, I have to mention the humidity of the food because it seems like it’s becoming a huge deal for me. And I just want to say that maybe it was my fault, but I have to share it because I felt it.

I felt the Chow mein a little dry. 😔

And I said maybe it was my fault because pasta when cold gets dry. And I love to chatty chat when I’m with Carolina. So, MAYBE I let the food get cold because I was talking too much.

But, I keep the “maybe” because the spring rolls and the broccoli plate were not dry at all, even one hour after served. And that’s what makes me wonder.

In general, it’s a great place, comfortable and big with big portions.

I guess the things I regret are not being able to taste a dessert because I had limited time that day and not knowing they served micheladas. And even if I’d knew, I’d couldn’t drink it because I had practice after the lovely meeting with Carolina.

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