Propiedades de logaritmos

log (xy) = log x + log y

log xª = a logx

log (x/y) = log x – log y

ln e = 1

ln e ª = a

log (10) = 1

log (10ª) = a

(log x)ª ≠ a log x

Si x1/x2 = (y1/y2)ª
log (x1/x2) = log (y1/y2)ª
log (x1/x2) = a log (y1/y2)
log x1 – log x2 = a [log y1 – log y2]
a = [log (y1/y2)] / [log (x1/x2)]
a = (log y1 – log y2) / (log x1 – log x2)

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