Campus party El Salvador #cpslv1

If you see something you actually enjoy, you gotta try it just in case!

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to Movistar El Salvador because when I though I would not been able to go, they invited me and treated me like a queen! Seriously, I’m truly thankful with Movistar! I had the most of funs on Campus Party because of them (they were like the greatest host ever) and believe when I say I have never attended to a Campus Party like this one. ❤

I want to make clear that I had the greatest time once I got in the event!

Being a Campus party lover it’s not easy when the event actually comes to your country. Because you already know the dynamic and you have expectations about the event, I guess it was easier when everything was new for me!

This doesn’t mean I didn’t have a great time, it just means I was able to perceive a lot of space for improvement for the future. 😊

Let’s talk about the accreditations. I don’t know if I’m using this word properly but accreditation is the id you wear at Campus. Getting this little thingy can cause you to lose precious time because without it you cannot get in to the campus.

Campus party knew about this and, to make things easier, they started delivering it to the ones who already live (or were at that time) in San Salvador like 2 days before the event!

I wanted to go for mine but I got this email were they said my photo wasn’t appropriate so they wanted me to upload a new photo. I tried but then the platform when you upload your data told me I wasn’t on time because all the accreditations were on printing.

I didn’t know what to think about that. Was my ID printed or not? It didn’t matter, I couldn’t go get it because I would probably waste my time if I went and ask and wasting time was the main reason for delivering the accreditations before. So I decided not to go before the event or at the beginning of the event.

At the beginning everyone, locals and foreigners, try to get their accreditations and the waiting line is painful. So I decided going like in the third day, when there was no waiting line and I could ask if anything was wrong with my ID.

I knew that if there was a problem, they would fix it right there because if my photo was wrong, they’d take one immediately.

I saw Marcela on the accreditation desk and she told me something like: “Kate, I just saw your ID here, somewhere, it’s in this box”. She looked it for me and there was printed and all. With the photo I uploaded in the first place. The photo somebody thought it was inappropriate.

I mean, yeah, I got my ID but there was a communication problem that got me confused for like 4 days.

And just like everybody else, after passing the ID getting issue, everything gets better. I promise. I didn’t have to actually get in to the event to have fun. Suddenly, a lot of friends were at the door and we were like hugging each other and taking photos because we had a lot of time without seeing each other.

Inside, I had a great honor! Mauricio gave me the first sticker ever gifted of El Salvador Marca País. ❤ It says in Spanish “100% Salvadoran Talent”. I was truly honored! 🙂

Let me say something about me, I know what are all the Campus about. There are talks, workshops, competitions and networking on the social media, free software, design, science, programmation and everything interesting related.

But I always find something new on every Campus Party to have fun with. This time, I found out my friends were doing a championship of Mario Kart WITH REAL PRIZES! Like, there was a trophy and money and food! FOOD!

Since Mario Kart is almost the only videogame I can play (and Plants vrs Zombies and Angry Birds and Tetris), I told them to sign me up! I had to take a chance! You know!? If you see something you actually enjoy, you gotta try it just in case!

Well, I did. But let me tell you about the parameters of the competition. We were like 25 souls trying to win that chocolate pudding on the 1st place! It was crazy so they divided it like soccer championships. Only the first 2 could go to the next round. And I was like in 2nd almost the whole game. Then, on the last 100 meters I was third. And at the last 2 meters, Pam passed me from nowhere and suddenly I was last. Hahahahaha.

Obviously I didn’t win a thing but I knew who was the owner of the puddings so I got mine at the end.

Campus Party it’s usually a place where you go to meet friends. It’s a place where you see people you haven’t seen for long or a place where you see in real life to the people you talk with online all the time. But this time it was totally different for me. This Campus Party was a place where I could go to enjoy technology with the friends I already have.

Of course I met new people but I got there with my friends. I didn’t feel alone or weird or anxious, I was there with them and it was awesome.

One of my dearest friends, you know Loy, right?, was having her birthday on the Campus Party week. And I almost ruined her surprise because of my big mouth and hungry stomach. Hahahaha. I am deeply sorry, Gabo!

Gabo planned a surprise party for Loy while Campus Party and some of my friends told me about it but he told me like “oh, and did you know Loy will cut her birthday cake over here?” and I was like “no, I didn’t”. And then I thought that if that moment comes, I would like to have my camera ready so I can record it. SO, I ASKED LOY IF SHE WAS CUTTING HER CAKE AT CAMPUS! Omg, I’m so sorry, I’m the worst party pooper EVER!

But I recorded it, at least!

And then, we went to eat tacos because when you are at the Campus, you eat tacos or tortar you bought at the Oxxo. Yeah, some things don’t change even though you change the location! Thank you to La Mara Dice for sponsor this dinner! ❤

And talking about sponsoring dinners, remember when I told you Movistar treated me like a Queen? Well, I was not lying at all! They did. And this is why I’m super thankful for, Movistar remembered the bloggers and invited the bloggers to dinner outside the Campus! ❤

I was so happy because we were like “omg, we’re bloggers, we write, we’re content creators in our own way”, it was like having a meal with my herd, if you will.

There are almost no bloggers out there, so this dinner with Movistar and the bloggers was like “there’s still hope”. We had a great time at the dinner thanks to Movistar but also while the Campus at the Campus and thanks to Movistar as well.

Movistar truly took the host role seriously and brought us games, activities, food, fun and great times!

This is an invitation for you: Campus Party is not only happening in El Salvador, is not only happening in Mexico. Campus Party is happening at Europe, Spain, Brazil, Germany, London,Colombia and the United States of America. Campus Party is confirmed to happen at Korea and Costa Rica. So if you have the opportunity of going to an event like this one, TAKE YOUR BAGS AND GO! You won’t regret it. There’s a lot of people you gotta meet, there’s a lot of knowledge you gotta learn, there’s a lot of experience you gotta live and believe me, Campus Party is a good way to start.

Don’t believe me Campus Party changes lives? Well, I was able to live abroad for 4 years because of the Campus Party!

This is your chance, take it! ❤

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