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I’m using Duolingo to learn Portuguese

Learning another language is easy, especially if both use the same alphabet.

With that thought on my mind, I started moving my butt on learning Portuguese thanks to Duolingo.

Duolingo is a game, an app, a platform where you learn another language by playing on your free time on your phone, your tablet or your laptop.

You can add your friends and see who is the leader of learning per day, week, month and ever! I’m Queith on Duolingo if you wanna add me.

There are plenty of languages to learn on Duolingo, but I want to learn just two for a start. Portuguese and Italian.

I chose Portuguese first just because it uses the same alphabet as Spanish, most of the words are pronounced like their spanish meaning, Brazil is closer than Italy and the Olympic games 2016 are closer than my trip to Italy.

I had this idea of Portuguese being more convenient to learn, so I did. And I’m glad to tell you that 6 Portuguese levels later, I’m able to understand like 50% of the Portuguese posts I read on Medium.

Of course I’m happy about this! It’s another world that’s opening its door for me!

As I don’t like to learn things I won’t use on the future, I’m obligated to tell you my blog will be crazy pants in the next few months. I will be posting in English, Spanish and soon in Portuguese, as well!

It might be too much for some of you and that is why I want to tell you there is a way of get my English posts only!

Subscribe to my English newsletter and you will get my English posts only and a secret email per month! Cool, huh?

This way you won’t be mad at me for receiving posts in every language I learn and I will be happy to practice every language I learn. Win-win!


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