Bowling with my girls for the first time ever!

My girls and I went bowling for the fist time ever!

I don’t think we should have a reason to have fun but we went bowling just because all of us were free that day and because we got a coupon to go!

Originally, I had the day off because I was injured of my right wrist but coach (whom you can follow now on Twitter, btw, he’s @EnriqueCamion) decided I still can do stuff with my legs, so, Aida and I went to work out that day.

After our training, we cleaned ourselves and went the fastest we could to the Galaxy Bowling on Paseo General Escalon, San Salvador. ❤

To be honest, it was the first time ever I went bowling. It was also the first time ever Carolina went bowling. But Sara, Aída and Flor had some experience bowling. Sara had that much experience that she promised to kick my ass. As I was injured and newbie, I said OK. Because I honestly though she would do it.

But I guess that thing about beginners luck it’s true, because Carolina was the one who kicked our asses and I was the second place, eventhough I was playing with my left hand (because of my injured right wrist)! 😀

Leaving the competence behind, I actually had the most of fun with my girls! We cheered, played, ate, drank and tried something new! I can’t wait to repeat something like this, again. Paintball, maybe? 😉

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