SPECTRE – Day of the Dead on Set (Video Blog #4)

Spectre is the new 007 movie and they recorded a sequence at Mexico City. I’m glad they went for the Day of the Dead scenario because I think Mexico is the only country that celebrates death like this.

Mexico has a lot of history and holidays but the Day of the Dead is quite interesting! Even for me, a girl who is scared of peals of thunder!

The Day of the Dead is a big colorful party to welcome back the dearest ones who went ahead of us. You offer them their favorite food, drinks and light a candle for them so they know the way home.

On town squares, there’s a big altar as a tribute for famous people and most of the people go dressed like bodies or catrinas (Catrina is a female representation for death). And there’s a lot of sales of chocolates and candies with skull shape.

I’m glad Spectre captured this iconic mexican holiday. Can’t wait to see it on the screen!