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The mistery of the white dress

I shared this picture and some of my friends asked me what was going on? I didn’t understand at first but many of them thought I got married and worst, I haven’t invited them to the ceremony.

I think the problem was that I only shared this picture and not the others.

Since I’m officially on vacations, I have the time to address the mistery of the white dress. 

I have a weekly meeting where we study the word of God. This group has existed for 10 years and I have been attending to this group for like 9 years and 8 months.

The story is actually really cute because my mom was part of this group and 4 months later, they told her she will be the one taking care of the agenda of a meeting. I saw how she was taking care of everything, from the songs to the prayer. She even took my radio and printed some lyrics so everyone could sing. I saw her a little bit nervous but also saw her how she took care of everything. I wanted to be there with her because I wanted to support her, I saw how enthusiastic she was and the minimun I could do, was accompany her.

I went with her and I liked what they learn and I stayed.

So, this is a weekly meeting. But we have like 2 parties a year. The anniversary dinner and the Christmas dinner.

The anniversary dinner almost always has been a special topic at the weekly meeting and a big dinner.

The Christmas dinner almost always has been a special topic, a special meeting and a fancy dinner. So fancy that I almost always wear a dress for it.

Last year was no exception. And I convinced my godmother’s daughter (Aida Cuerno ^_~) to do the same, so we both were wearing a cute dress for dinner. Funny thing, she wore a little black dress and I wore a little white dress.

As we had little time before the party started, I had to take a few pictures real quickly. Since we were gonna hear the gospel, I couldn’t have my phone with me. And as we were gonna eat after the gospel, eat like a lot, I knew the dress wouldn’t look that cool after, so I took a couple of shots and then uploaded one picture!

So, there you have it, I swear I didn’t get married and didn’t invite you, I just attended a fancy Christmas dinner!

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