Relación entre un valor absoluto y una raíz cuadrada

|x| = (x²)½

El valor absoluto de x es siempre positivo.

La raíz cuadrada de x² no es siempre positiva.

|x| = (x²)½ = { x si x≥0
-x si x<0

(x²)½ = { x si x≥0
-x si x<0

|x| siempre va a ser igual a (x²)½
Las dos van a depender de x si x≥0 o de -x si x<0

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New Instagram is sexy!

I was checking my Instagram profile on the web and found out they have updated it! It looks sexy to me!

It seems like they have made the web version uniform respect with the iOS and Android apps!

I can’t really tell because I have a Windows Phone and we haven’t had a proper update (or even an update) since March, 22th of 2014 (and I’m not even lying!).

That doesn’t stop me from uploading my photos!

If you want to see the photos I upload to Instagram, you have 3 options:

  1. Follow me on Instagram and you’ll see my photos on your timeline. You won’t miss anything I share. I’m @queith. 🙂
  2. Visit my profile on Instagram and you’ll see the last photos I shared (plus, you’ll see the new Instagram is sexy for real). I have my profile as public, so you can visit it anytime but, you might miss something. I’m
  3. Visit my blog and you’ll see the last 12 photos I shared. I’m

I have thought nobody shares a photo with dark purposes, so I think you might like what I like to share or at least, you’ll get to know me a little bit better! ❤

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