Ten things that made me happy this week

I think the ten things that made me happy this week post it’s a terrific idea. So, I wanted to give it a try and this might be the forever Sunday post! ❤

  1. My Coach spoke with me about the way my practices will be and encouraged me to give the best of me off-season!
  2. I got a better grade at my final test than my second-to-last test. I did so much better than I thought.
  3. My friends saw me walking on the street and scream at me from a white van to say hi to me.
  4. I found a shorter path from the University to the pizza place.
  5. I watched the Master Chef finale with my mom. I love how she cheers to the chefs. And our favorite of the night won the title.
  6. Chicken a la BBQ.
  7. I threw a 3kg shotput like a discus almost 15 meters away.
  8. I slept for 9 hours straight. Woke up, checked my phone and then, slept for 3 extra hours.
  9. Two old ladies waving to each other to say good-bye (one from the bus and the other on the street).
  10. Mom made these incredible sandwiches with my favorite dressing and I could eat two of them.

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