Bacon and guacamole cheeseburger from Comet diner ðŸŒ 

I think I found my favorite hamburgers in town!

Comet diner is a fast food restaurant from the Siman family. It’s like Maquilishuat, except Comet diner is for a totally different target.

I found out about Comet diner because I wanted to try a burger with avocado and they happen to have a promo. So, basically it was perfect timing.

I don’t really know when they opened but I know for certain that I try a Comet diner burger for the first time in December 2014.

I think there are only two Comet diner. One in La Gran Vía and the other one in Centro Comercial Galerías. I like to go to the one in Galerías.

They’re different, tho. The one in La Gran Vía is a restaurant and the one in Centro Comercial Galerías is part of the food court.

What I like the most about this hamburgers is that you can actually taste the ingredients. All of them. In one bite you feel the cheese, the patty, the bacon and even the chipotle mayo. They take care of every detail, the buns have a little butter and the French fries are on point.

Also, it looks like a little combo but actually I felt full by the time I ended (yes, me, the girl who is capable of eating seven dishes in a buffet felt full with a combo).

I felt so full that I had to wait like half an hour to try the dessert.

My favorite burger is the one with avocado and bacon. I think it’s called Bacon cheeseburger.

The other thing I like the most about Comet diner is I feel I’m getting something equal to the money is spent. For less than $15 USD, two people ate burgers, French fries, drank soda or iced tea, had dessert and felt filled for like 8 hours.

Plus, the ingredients feel fresher than any other burguer place! Even the French fries felt fresh!

So, yeah, I think I found my favorite burgers in town! 🍔 🍟 😊

Below this you’ll find the burgers I have eaten at Comet diner but if you want to see what else they got, maybe you want to check their Instagram account: @CometDiner 🙂

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