Kit Harington IS coming back to season 6!

If you came here to tell me something about spoilers, well, bite me! It’s the middle of July, already. You should have binge watched all five seasons by now.

So, Kit Harington IS coming back to season 6! We cried a lot thinking about the death of Jon Snow but some of us kept hope because he never closed his eyes and stuff. Yes, he is bleeding but our hope is that he is only seriously injured.

There’s a lot of theories and that is what kept us going, theories. But God bless video cameras and recorded conferences, NOW WE HAVE PROOF! KIT HARINGTON IS COMING BACK!

I don’t really know if he is coming back as Jon Snow or someone else (I think what Maester Aemon told him about killing the boy and let the man be born will be his comeback) but he certainly is coming back.

Part of the cast (Kit Harington and John Bradley) and the creators (David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss) went to the Oxford Union Society, where they debate and invite important people. This debate happened back in March (and since then, they knew Kit was gonna be on season 6!).

When talking about who they want to perform, Kit said “I would like to be a walker… or a wolf, I would like to put myself in a wolf”. And he didn’t think that came right so he starts laughing and everyone at the room. After a few seconds, Dan Weiss told Kit: TWO WORDS FOR YOU, SEASON SIX.

So, he might be coming back as a wolf. He might be coming back as a walker. He might be coming back as Jon Snow and then a wolf and then a walker. We don’t know that, but what we know now is KIT HARINGTON IS COMING BACK TO SEASON 6! 😀

I love you, Samwell Tarly, you knew he always comes back! ❤

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