Ten things that made me happy this week!

  1. Teffu was the kindest girl ever and bought a red powerade for me after a pretty demanding practice. Thank you! 💙
  2. Joha, Teffu’s little sister, and I sang “Mientes tan bien” a capella since she’s learning how to play the acoustic guitar! 🎸
  3. My godmother gave me a pair of jeggings. And they’re kinda cool because its fabric is real thick, so they’re gonna be amazing for winter and comfy for college! ❄ ⛄ 👌
  4. I finally touched a discus, again! 😍 And, of course, did discus throw after a while!
  5. Found out Jon Snow is actually coming back to season 6 of Game of Thrones! ⛄ I only had theories but finally got proof and publish it immediately! 💙
  6. On Thursday I was all by myself at the stadium and gave myself permission of training in top and short, only. It felt amazing! I was discus throwing in top and shorts! That day was perfect! 💙
  7. Coach gave me this Saturday off and then told me I will not have to go on Saturdays until November or so. Woohoo! More time to sleep for me! 😊 💤
  8. Dinner date with Sofi😋
  9. I had the time to read a 150 pages e-book without interruption 😌
  10. I had a call with my mom and suddenly stars playing her song but we both started to sing and dance because we both know what the song means. I really love her and have fun with her. 💝

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