I’m creating a mini-guide for writing super complete posts in 20 minutes!

I’m creating a mini-guide for writing a super complete post in 20 minutes for the Small Product Lab. ❤

When I was abroad, I got a job as a blogger and got a payment per post, so I had to publish as fast as I could to secure my food and shelter. To do so, I created a system to publish quickly and save a lot of time to study, be with my family or hang out with my friends.

I want to share this system I created for myself with you so you can publish your ideas or your work and save time to spend it on the things you really want!

I’ll launch this mini-guide on early August, 2015!

If you want me to keep you posted, follow my journey over here. You’ll be the first to know when it’s ready! 😉

I still don’t want to reveal many details about it just yet but if one thing I can promise you is blogging will be so much easier!

The benefit I have experienced of using this very system is productivity. I write a blog and practice a high performance sport and study a demanding career and hang out with my friends and and and. I can achieve more because I save time following the mini-guide.

I hope you found it as useful as it has been useful for me all these years!

Here I go! 🙂