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Selfie stick takes great photos! 💙💚

I got a selfie stick thanks to Movistar!

I was invited to the launch of Movistar summer I got a selfie stick so I can take great photos of San Salvador!

I loved my selfie stick even more because it was aqua! 💙

What’s a selfie stick?

A selfie stick is a great device for photograph and video yourself anywhere!

Even though summer is almost over, the selfie stick stays longer. Here comes the rainy season which is also a beautiful time to take great photos.

I used my selfie stick for the first time near a restaurant called Olas Permanentes (“permanent waves”) because, you know, we were saying hello to the summer.

Maybe you’re thinking “seriously, a restaurant? You got a selfie stick and first used it IN A RESTAURANT?” so, I’ll explain myself.

I went to a restaurant to the launch of Movistar Summer but then I tried my selfie stick on a crane 14 meters over the ground, near that restaurant and with an amazing sunset of San Salvador (you can see Torre Futura and San Salvador volcano in my photo!).

It was an amazing day, I just wish I wasn’t using a dress that time! 😳 But thank God Gerson borrowed me his motorcycle pants so I had no problem going up that crane!

How to install and use a selfie stick?

Selfie sticks are easy to use! I learned how to use mine while going up that crane.

  • Connect your camera to the selfie stick adapter using the tripod insert.
  • Fully extend the selfie stick.
  • Set up time or video mode on your camera and press the capture button.
  • Extend, aim, smile.
  • Make sure the lens is pointing at you and you will be in the picture.

If you use the selfie stick with your smartphone, the selfie stick comes with a remote that recognizes the camera of an iOS or Android. 🙂

Or if you have a digital camera and want to take a great video, just unplug the smartphone adaptor and you will have the tripod insert only, it’s universal so any digital camera will do. 😉 (I use the selfie stick with my Canon ❤ ).

What can I use a selfie stick for?

I know the name could confuse you a little, “selfie stick”, well, is not just for selfies.

A selfie stick is perfect for:

  • Traveling.
  • Video diaries.
  • Video blogging.
  • Hiking/camping.
  • Weddings.
  • Parties.
  • The beach.
  • Concerts.
  • Aerial photos.
  • Sports events.

So, not selfies only, huh? 😉

What are the specifications of a selfie stick?

  • Cameras interface: Universal 1/4 screw.
  • Net weight: 130g.
  • Size: 7 segments.
  • Max weight: 500g.
  • Closes-Extends: 20-97cm.

To be honest, this is the gadget I’m using for all of my photos and for my videos I use a mini tripod, so the selfie stick being compatible with mi Canon is like the greatest thing ever!!! ❤

Thanks to Movistar for inviting me to the launch of Movistar Summer and for my selfie stick! ❤ I can’t get enough of it! 😀

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