Concurso Products Project

The importance of choosing your first audience.

I made a terrible mistake last night. I did the assignment for Day 4, I published my progress and delete everything an hour later.

I might be exaggerating with my reaction but I realized the image I uploaded to illustrate my progress was not meaningful for my first audience.

And if it wasn’t meaningful for them, I wasn’t talking to them at all.

I had a hard time trying to choose my first audience. I didn’t know how to do it. I asked Nathan for help and did it because I’m trying to follow everything on the SPL.

But when I did, I thought that I was closing the doors for myself by only choose one little audience.

Kept working, anyways, because I remember him tweeting “expand later”. So, I think the mini-guide really could help a lot of struggling bloggers or busy writers out there. And I’m going after all of you! But later.

The thing is choosing a little audience is not closing the doors of your product. It’s making things easier.

I had a blank background when I launched my landing page but the assignment was to find an image. There’s a lot of images! Choosing just one was freakin me out!

But I thought in my first audience and then it was easy to choose!

I was dealing with colors but I thought in my first audience and it was easy to pick!

Yesterday I published my progress with a not meaningful image for my first audience but today I’m sharing the importance of the first audience for picking stuff that you could struggle with.

And I bet that this one tip on how to save time creating your product by choosing your first audience and stick to your election (at least for the first edition of your product) is more meaningful for my first audience than a random image not meant for them.

There are a couple of friends who are starting the SPL challenge right now. There are a couple of friends who are a few days behind.

My advice is to not rush the first three days. Do not avoid doing the assignments just to catch up. Think about those carefully because it will make things easier for you on the next days.


By Katherine Montero

Civil Engineering Junior. Diploma in Economics and Business. 6th best Discus Thrower in Central America. 5x Discus National Winner (El Salvador). Yogini. Small Product Lab Winner. Author of The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes. 5x Shotput National Winner (El Salvador). Business Management Junior.