Milestones that made me happy this August! ðŸŽ¢

A few weeks ago, I started the 10 things that made me happy this week series but I noticed that a lot of things make me happy everyday, and when something makes me happy, I take a picture. So, I record more than 10 things that made me happy every week, I just do it in another format and, eventually, I blog about it.

But I liked the meme so much, I wanted to do it but in another frequency and about other things, so I created my own: Milestones that made me happy this month! ❤

It fits perfect, I love stats and I spend a good percentage of my life looking at numbers and their meaning. I track my actions on the Internet and measure another things for the sake of curiosity. I do this personal report every month but I never share it. That’s for my personal use.

However, there’s a stat that I love and is the Milestones! I take for milestones the number of years or any digit number followed by zeros. I love them for 2 reasons:

  1. I rather talk about what I’ve accomplished instead of what I’m gonna do. Milestones are numbers that mean I did something in the past and got a result. That number can’t change for that specific time. If I promise a number for the future, that might happen but it’s not certain. I’m learning to deal with uncertitude thanks to everything that happened at the Small Product Lab still. I don’t want to be that kind of people who promise to do something and don’t. I dislike those people a lot! And I don’t want to look like those people. That’s why I like to talk more about what I did than what I’ll do. I already did it, I can talk about it because it’s done.
  2. Milestones happen because I make some kind of effort. I’ve found the action-reaction law in milestones. Or in life. If you do something, something else happens. And I love it when I can see the reaction in numbers and think about its meaning. I’ve noticed, in general, that if I love a social network and post like crazy, people want to take part of it, not because I’m a guru – because I’m not – just because I’m updating regularly.

The intention is to publish the milestones that made me happy every month! Since I make this personal report every month, I think it’s doable.

To make this personal report, I track some numbers of all my profiles on the Internet (I have 21 public profiles!) and then, I do some arithmetic, track certain percentages and find milestones on the go! I don’t do complicated stuff.

Since I have 21 profiles on the Internet – and who knows if I’ll open another – one thing I can promise is that NOT all profiles will be posted every month. Just because I can’t accomplish milestones (with my concept for milestones: years or digit followed by zero) every month! But, at the same time, because I have 21 profiles, I know I can make/it will happen at least 1 milestone a month!

The milestones I’ll show the most, will be the 2 things I like the most about Internet: people and content! ❤ I think one leads the other, I share content and then I make friends. 🙂

I hope you like this new section of my blog! ❤

Milestones that made me happy this August!

I love August because of the festivities in San Salvador! What a great month to start with this section, huh? 🙂

I started blogging in May of 2008 but I opened my WordPress account in August 2008 (and stayed with WordPress since then!). Well, WordPress told me I have 7 years blogging with them! ❤ It’s a lot of time and I’m not stopping any soon! 😀

Milestone: 7 years with WordPress!


I still don’t get why so many people says Google+ is a ghost town. I see a lot of people on Google+ and have been lucky enough to be in a lot of circles! I’m in +2000 circles on G+!

Milestone: +2000 circles in G+!


I made a huge mistake with Swarm the first days of August. I won’t talk about it, let’s just say I found the barrier of 1000 contacts is no more! I have +1000 contacts on Swarm. Can you imagine that? I tell +1000 people where I am!

Milestone: +1000 people on Swarm! Queith

I have a pretty hard time when answering the what’s your favorite music question! I like a lot of music and listen to very different types of music when I’m doing certain activities. Also, I don’t study music, I like to listen to it. But if you ask me the genre or my favorite genre or the origin and that kind of stuff, I never knew the answer! I seriously just like to listen to music. So, when anybody ask me about my favorite music, I never had a proper answer!

I found Last.Fm a few years ago and have been tracking the music I listen to since then!

Now, every time somebody asks me about my favorite music, I just send my profile link. It’s convenient and I love it. Also, I love that is getting a make over! ❤ It looks so pretty now!

Milestone: +60 friends on

I started my English newsletter last month and got a lot of readers in a couple of days! I’m so happy about it! I’m sending an email per month, if you want to read it, just join +50 other amazing people! ❤

Milestone: +50 subscribers on Gumroad

The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes

I launched The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes last month! ❤ My goal is to help writers to save time writing to spend it on the things they really want!

I wrote The Mini-Guide and then added a lot of bonus materials! A lot of people bought it!

And now, I’m writing an email series with more tips and tricks to blog the right way so +30 writers can save time writing and spend it on the things they really want!

I’m so honored to be able to help and I feel amazed for the response I’ve got from them!

These are some comments they have sent me!

  • Thank YOU! Your guide is brilliant, and I love your style!” ~Maria Hoffmeister.
  • I started reading your guide last night, a very well deserved winner of SPL. Congratulations” ~Robert Williger.
  • This email you wrote is good info for those who tend to push their blog aside. Thanks for your good tips and follow through” ~Julaina Klest.

Milestone: +30 readers of The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes.


I found out about Duolingo a few years back and have been using it since then! It’s for learning languages for free. It’s like a game, so it’s super adictive and fun and I’m learning a lot. I went from wish I could speak portuguese to have 38% fluency!

Plus, I understand more than 50% of every portuguese post I read at Medium. And I was shocked when I listen to brazilian music and understood a few sentences! I was able to google that sentence and find the lyrics to sing that song! 🙂

Milestone: +20 friends on Duolingo


To be honest, I still can’t believe I have a milestone on Youtube! I started sharing videos, again, since January 2014… and only had 5 subscribers. This year, I got 2 more subscribers and had a brand new 7! BUT, I don’t know what happened last month that they doubled! We’re +10, now! 😀

Milestone: +10 subscribers on Youtube

That’s it for this August! If you feel like joining me elsewhere, we’ll see each other over there (I’m leaving the links on the head of every milestone)! If not, perhaps you want to be friends in private? I like to write an email every month to my closest friends, do you want to be a close friend of mine? If so, leave me your email address over here: 🙂

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