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Gladiator sandals are not as fierce as they told you

I got a pair of BCBG Black and Gold Gladiator Sandals. I fell in love with them since the moment I saw them, plus they were gladiators so I thought they were a great fit!

A gladiator, according to Wikipedia, is an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals and condemned criminals.

And if these are ‘gladiator sandals’ you’d expect them to be, at least, resistant.

But since they have been fashioned and Cosmopolitan called them fierce, well, they have to be also gorgeous.

I saved them for a special occasion. I wore them for the first time for my mom’s birthday!

I knew we would walk just a little bit from the bus station to the restaurant. Nothing could happen, right? At the end of the day, these were gladiator sandals! WRONG!

After 3 blocks (300 meters), 2 from the bus stop to the restaurant and 1 from the restaurant to the supermarket, my sandals were gone!

In front of the supermarket there was the other bus stop so we didn’t walk that much. So when I was walking home, I felt one feet lighter than the other.

I really thought it was something to do with the gym but when I finally got home, I realized one sandal was incomplete. The bottom part fell somewhere in San Salvador.

You’d really expect a little bit more of BCBG (a big brand present in Fashion Weeks), gladiator sandals (ready to battle or at least resistant) that Cosmopolitan called fierce (or at least ready to keep up with you for more than a mile). But no, they couldn’t even keep up with 300 meters.

Maybe if you have a car and no need to walk at all, you’ll love these sandals. They’re a little bit more than $100usd but since winter is coming, maybe you’ll find them on sale.

But if you’re a warrior like me, who loves to walk and look cute at her mom’s birthday, you need a good pair of shoes who can be loyal for more than 300 meters, like a good pair of Nike or gold Havaianas sandals or a gorgeous silver pair of XOXO sandals.

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