5 ways brands are getting leads in Social Media Events

I went to Social Media Day and had the opportunity to see how brands are getting leads in Social Media events.

Hint: Games!

Social Media Day is meant to Social Media hard fans and Social Media hard workers!

Social Media Day is celebrated at the end of every June (this year was June 25th). This time, it was hosted at CIFCO, the same place where Campus Party happened, so we were a lot more people this year!

Social Media Day has conferences during the afternoon and the after party!

At the party I had the opportunity to learn how big brands are getting leads in Social Media events.

This time I did something I have never ever done: I went to every stand of every brand.

Most of them are getting leads with branded games and others are still making raffles.

💙 Movistar El Salvador.
Movistar built a Fun House with arcade games, fire tub, pool filled with balls, Jenga, big black board, pop corn and sugar candy station.

This obviously makes people talk about them on Social Media and fall in love with Movistar.

But the direct way Movistar was getting leads was through a game they developed. It was a roulette on a big screen, everybody won something from Movistar. I won a pen and a blue jean jacket.

To play with the roulette, you had to log in with your Twitter account. They got a follow and 2 tweets with a branded hashtag. Clever.

💙 Claro El Salvador.
Claro raffled smartphones. They asked for a branded picture with a branded hashtag on Instagram or Twitter.

Then, they gave you a piece of paper to write your nickname and full name to put it on a bowl. And then proceed to the raffle.

And that was it. They got a lot of tweets and photos on their hashtag. They got 1 tweet from me and 1 photo on Instagram.

(I just shared my Instagram photo on Twitter!).

💙 Digicel El Salvador.
Digicel developed a digital puzzle game where you had to put the pieces of an ad in less than a minute.

You won an iTunes card if you did the puzzle on time. No direct lead here but the ad is still in my head and I’m a Digicel user myself.

💙 Super Selectos El Salvador.
Super Selectos also developed a roulette where everybody won something but they were asking for a follow on Instagram.

You had to show your phone where you’re following the Super Selectos account on Instagram and no need to log in with anything.

I won a big Spain flag towel.

💙 La Prensa Grafica.
La Prensa Grafica was playing a big board game but when I got there, they just told me to grab anything I wanted.

Apparently, they were looking for readers and since I’m already one, they just spoiled me!

So, there you have it, the 5 ways brands are getting leads in social media events!

Some of these ones are no brainers and can get a lot of conversion but yes, you still need money and prizes for them to actually get you leads!

I want to thank big time to La Prensa Grafica for inviting me to the Social Media Day this year! Yay, two years in a row!

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