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You’re wrong about – here’s why.

Don’t compare the you’re seeing with the last you saw.

When trying to choose a platform for your site, there’s no doubt WordPress is the best. Everybody will say you need to make your own website on WordPress. But when it comes to choose between WordPress editions, no one will recommend But I’m not no one, I’m Katherine Montero and you’re wrong about

WordPress is the best CMS (content management system), 21% of the Internet uses WordPress. They’re not just friendly, but clean, pretty, professional and effective.

WordPress is not the first CMS ever created. That’s for sure. But when everybody started to make content creation easy, WordPress did it easy, clean and beautiful.

They created 2 editions, the hosted edition ( and the self-hosted edition (for you to host whenever you wanted:

Back in the days, I’m talking 2008 here, had only like 12 templates. Even though it look cleaner that any other site on any other CMS, you knew it was the hosted at version because there were only 12 templates.

The main reason everybody chose to go to was because of the customization and the plugins.

Here’s the thing about, you may have won two features, but loose a lot if you weren’t a designer, developer, engineer, content creator and owner.

  • If you’re not a designer, the only thing you’ll get is a basic template that’ll look cluttered.
  • If you use several plugins, your site will be slow that won’t be professional at all.
  • If you’re not an engineer, you won’t know how to deal with hosting, plugins, installations, updates.
  • If you’re not a content creator, you won’t be able to get +100 visits per day and why are you wasting your money on a site that isn’t visible, again? Or worse, could get a lot of visits and see how your site went down because your hosting plan was too small and don’t know how to deal with such thing.

When you’re a writer, your real intention is to write. AS SIMPLE AS THAT.

And when you’re more than a writer, when you’re a parent, a developer, a CEO, an artist, a coach, a creator, an illustrator, a designer, a founder, the real intention is still to write but with the aggravating your time is limited and you just can’t afford to pay attention to hosting or site speed or template installations.

You just need to write and share your art.

When your time is limited, the best you can do is to make permanent decisions.

This doesn’t mean you won’t change in the future, it means the decision you made, will work today and tomorrow.

For example, if you’re outside and it starts raining, you won’t care about the quality of the $1 umbrella or plastic bag you buy, you’ll just care it works right now. But when it comes about choosing an umbrella and spend more than, I don’t know, $12USD, you’ll want that umbrella to work this season and the next 5. Buying that $12 umbrella was a permanent decision because you won’t have to worry about raining season again, you know you have a solution that works today and tomorrow.

If your time is limited, you have to start making permanent decisions so you don’t have to worry tomorrow.

When you choose to share your art, whether is photography, essays, articles, stories, you’ll want to make a permanent decision about the platform today, so the only concern you have tomorrow is to create content and make it available for the world.

That is the only concern you should have as a creator. The moment you found out you can do that on a blog and that you basically have to do nothing because is all up and running, you can focus on creating. was seen as the “unprofessional” version of WordPress, just because it was hosted in the WordPress servers but let me tell you something. WordPress servers are better than any server you can buy for $5usd/month.

WordPress has multiple servers and it doesn’t matter if one of them goes down (very unlikely) or if you get a lot of visitors in one day or multiple days, your site will still be up because they have a back up in another server.

WordPress made an incredible community over the years where there’s a forum, there’s conferences every year and there’s a lot of people so grateful with WordPress and its meaning that have had the time to create amazing templates over the years. Both free and premium. Now, there are so many templates that WordPress publishes 3 every week. There are so many to choose and your site can look just as professional as every other.

If you’re a designer and want to add your own personality to your site but don’t have the time to deal with hosting. You can do that here. They added the CSS customization where you can choose a template to change it or you can add CSS from zero, it’s up to you.

Not a designer but still a creative? That’s ok. You can customize your site with headers, logos, typography, sidebars.

You think you’ll need the plugins? Unlikely. doesn’t need plugins because they built in everything you may want. Analytics, subscriptions, social media buttons, etc. And guess what? As they’re built in the platform, you don’t have to worry for the speed of the site, because they optimize it all.

Wanna talk about how “unprofessional” is to have a site on I don’t know about you, but CNN and Time look very professional to me, and they’re hosted at

Having a clean, beautiful, professional site on WordPress is free. If you want to add a domain (which you should), you pay $18USD per year. PER YEAR! Less than 2 dollars per month. And you can have the domain, but also can add an email address (actually 5 email addresses), and the set up is as easy as writing.

There’s no reason for you to suffer or worry about other reasons besides creating your work.

And if you’re time limited, you’ll love it here.

Why is everyone wrong about Because when they left to, they forgot Automattic updates both editions, they compare the they’re seeing with the last they saw. And has improve incredibly these last 7 years.

If you’re a solo creator like me, let me tell you something from the bottom of my heart, works and what’s best, it lets me work.

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By Katherine Montero

Civil Engineering Junior. Diploma in Economics and Business. 6th best Discus Thrower in Central America. 5x Discus National Winner (El Salvador). Yogini. Small Product Lab Winner. Author of The Mini-Guide for Writing a Super Complete Post in 20 Minutes. 5x Shotput National Winner (El Salvador). Business Management Junior.